This is stunning!!!!!!
I’m gobsmacked!! Thank you Kim, as always, your work is sublime.

Susan P.

I have been in real estate since 1990 and never thought properties needed staging… but that all changed when I saw what you did on Sunrise Drive!
I am so excited, you will work miracles with this home I just know it.

Sharon K.

You did such an amazing job staging my house! Thank you so much. Mark and I both have both been saying that out of all the investments we have put into the house in preparation for the sale (and there have been many) this was without a doubt on top of the list!

Sandra L.

Kim was very prompt in her initial response and from the moment we said ‘yes’ to her proposal, she was on it. Kim was accessible during the process of furniture move-in and design and when we walked thru the front door, we said to ourselves, “Holy crap! We’d like to live here!”

The layout, furniture placement, and small touches to showcase the beauty of the home we loved (and were sad to leave) was absolutely wonderful.

If you are seeking a home stager, don’t look any further. Kim McCall and her team are the best of the best and we feel fortunate to have found her.

Annemarie J.

Kim, you get even better with every project. This is art!
Carl S.

I could cry… Your team IS amazing!!!
Shannon M.

We had realtors tell us the problem with our unit not selling is the staging. I will be so excited to have you get in there and do it properly. I’m sorry we wasted these four months.
Lynne R.

I want to thank you for working with us in such a timely manner and sight unseen. You did a lovely job, everyone is pleased: cozy but sophisticated, beautiful and still fun.

As women who never met each other, I like the blind trust we both had in this exchange. Thank you so much!

Lucy H.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about the staging aspect of the process, but I’m fully “won over” now. I really don’t think we’d have successfully (or as quickly) accomplished this sale without you.

Mike P.

Thank you for a great job with the house, it looks good! You made it look “beachfront,” very different from my “farmer” style, pleasant and open with attractive colors. Thanks again!


We wanted to thank you for the glowing job you did staging our home for sale, working with our realtor. You are really an extraordinary team and your professionalism gave us great confidence. You knew exactly what the home needed to make it sparkle.

Anne M.

Thanks Kim! It looks great, but I knew that’s what you would deliver. You always do great work.

Kenda L.

Thank you for a great job with the house, it looks good! You made it look “beachfront,” very different from my “farmer” style, pleasant and open with attractive colors. Thanks again!
Karen R.

You did a beautiful job with the staging. It transformed the house into a lovely, light-hearted, relaxing, colorful space. I did not really recognize the house!

Joan P.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me through this remodel process. Today it was wonderful to watch Kim and Seri “have at it.” You were fast, and almost speaking your own language at times! Great to have a team who is all on the same page.

Leonora T.

You made the place absolutely beautiful and I know that it was not easy.

Devon J.

Thank you for transforming our house! It looked lovely with your direction and finishing touches. We are hoping to contract your serious talent in our new home.

Liz S.

The house looks wonderful. You all did an amazing job. Last night before we went to bed, Albert said, “Yeah, she has the gift and it shows.”