Interior Design & Staging

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Interior Design

Making your home your own

Interior design for Kitsap County
With the abundance of interior design information on television and in magazines, many people find themselves confused and discouraged about basic decorating issues. Why didn’t that new paint transform your room, like in the magazine? That sofa looked great online but why does it look odd in your living room? Somehow, your choices didn’t fulfill your expectations.

My job is to provide vision and guide you through the decisions that make the vision a reality.

Successful interiors are a series of connected and informed choices of scale, color, furniture placement, fabrics, balance, and decorative details. It does not need to break the bank.

Real Estate Staging

Merchandising your home to sell

Staging your home to sell

Countless studies show that staging your home results in a faster sale and a higher sales price. The same is true of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County.

While most homes are listed for weeks to months on Bainbridge, many the homes we stage receive an offer the first week. For more than a decade, Kim McCall Design has delivered results for homeowners and many of the most successful real estate agents in Kitsap County.

The secret of this success is how we stage a home to sell. Successful staging is like product merchandising; it makes your home more appealing to the most likely buyer.